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How do I Get on ABC’s Shark Tank?

One of the things that my husband Matt & I get asked about most is our experience pitching our company, The Bear & The Rat on ABC’s hit series, Shark Tank. This is the first post I’m going to write about that experience! If you don’t want to miss a post on the series, make sure to follow our company page on LinkedIn.

As an ex-Reality TV Producer and an ex-Reality TV Contestant, here are some tips for getting on Shark Tank (or a show like it).


“YWOST?!” is a very familiar phrase in our lives. It’s been three years since we pitched The Bear & The Rat to the self-made million and in some cases, billionaires on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. Matt and I smile patiently and nod. We brace ourselves for the next question: How Did You Get On Shark Tank or HDYGOST, as we like to call it.


First, we were approached by an executive producer who asked us to apply for the show. He placed our application in front of 30,000 others. But even with those kinds of odds, we knew that we had a great chance because WE MAKE DOG ICE CREAM. That’s GOT to be good television! Which leads me to the next point.


We talk to several people about our experience on Shark Tank because many people call us to ask us how we got on the show and want advice, so I’ve heard lots of product pitches. I don’t remember most of the pitches because here’s the secret of it all. The product does not matter. All you’re trying to do (at this point) is get on a reality television show that sells advertising to companies who therefore want big ratings for the big checks that they write to the network. And since the producing team is the one who decides whether or not you are fit for TV, they are the only ones who matter. You must be GOOD TELEVISION.


You’ll need a hook, a schtick, an act. When we shot our audition tape (which was taped simply with a Flip Cam), Matt dressed up like a Soda Jerk and I put on an apron that looked like it could have been from the 50s. Voila! We looked like we were about to serve you the best homemade ice cream you ever did see, except that we weren’t serving ice cream to humans. We were serving human’s best friend! We also were very larger-than-life in our audition tape and super smiley. PERSONALITY convinces the producers that the sharks (or at least the at-home audience) will be entertained enough to tune in for your pitch! 


After you’ve figured out how to be GOOD TV, apply


After you’ve applied, use LinkedIn to find a casting producer. Call them with your gregarious personality and tell them you want to make sure that they don’t miss your pitch. Then, wow them with your hook and personality.

You’ve totally got this. I believe in you! Go forth and BE GREAT REALITY TELEVISION! 

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