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Healthful ice cream for dogs & freeze-dried yogurt for dogs
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Pet-supply store owners reveal what they love (and ordered) from the annual event in Las Vegas.

Spot and Dolly love to visit Bone Appétit Bakery & Boutique, the mom-and-pop pet-supply store in our neighborhood. After devouring their welcome treats, the pups settle on the floor to wait while I chat with owners Helen and Joe Goldblatt about what’s new.

On a recent visit to the store, Helen had much to show us because of the couple’s trip to Las Vegas forSuperZoo, the annual pet-supply expo for retailers and groomers. I asked her to share five of the new products they ordered at the expo and why.

Spot and Dolly often serve as treat testers for the store, and they don’t mind one bit. During our visit, Helen asked us to try a Bacon Peanut Barker frozen yogurt she ordered at the expo from the Bear & The Rat.

Specially formulated for dogs, the fro-yo uses live and active probiotic cultures to aid in digestion, immune support, and nutrient absorption. The treat contains only high-quality, human-grade items such as fat-free yogurt, all-natural carob powder, organic bananas and peanut butter, and nitrate-free bacon. You won’t find rBST (bovine growth hormone), gluten, corn, wheat, added sugars, artificial colors, or preservatives on the list of ingredients. Banana Peanut Barker and Choc ‘o’ Not are also available.